Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Discount, Yeay!

Every purchase of 5 items and above will get price RM10.00 each.
Hurry! While stock last~ (^.^)v

I Heart Hijab 6

Each RM13.00
Red Pink

Black Grey

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Heart Hijab Plain

Each RM13.00 Only
Each RM13.00 Only
Colour (L-R) - Apple Green, Magenta (RedPurple)
Material : 50% Viscosa 50% Silk
Kain lembut n ringan

Colour (L-R) : RedVelvet, Black (SOLD), RedBrick(MerahBata), CoklatGrey ('Klabu tahi Anjing')
Material : 'Jojet'

Colour (L-R) : Light Green, CoklatTerracotta, Light Purple, Dark Purple
Material : 'Jojet'

Discount will be given if purchase more than 5 nos (6,6)v

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Heart Hijab 5

Each RM13.00 Only
Colour : Blue (SOLD) , Red (SOLD)
Material : Chiffon
Easy to wear n light~

I Heart Hijab 4 & Abstract

Each RM13.00 Only
Easy to wear n nice to wear on!
Code item: I Heart Hijab 4
Colour (L-R) : Dark Choc, Orange Choc

Code item : Abstract 1
Colour (L-R) : Orange , Green A, Green B
Code item : Abstract 2
Colour : Green, Choc, Purple
Code item : Abstract 3
Colour (L-R) : ChocOrange, PurplePink (SOLD), BlackGrey (SOLD)

I Heart Hijab 4

Each RM13.00 Only

Colour (L-R) : Green, Blue, Purple, Red
Material : 50% viscosa 50% silk
Totally same as I Heart Hijab 1!
U will LOVE the hijab

I Heart Hijab 3

Each RM13.00 Only
Colour (L-R): Green, Grey, PinkRed
Easy to wear and light
Material: Chiffon